About Us


We are Conor & Fionn, two childhood friends and the founders of Nú Infusions, Ireland’s first guayusa tea company.

The idea for Nú Infusions came about after a chance discovery of guayusa through an Ecuadorian friend of Conor’s in May of 2018. He sent us a pouch of a not-so-easy to pronounce tea from the Amazon which, he explained, had been drank by indigenous peoples in Ecuador for centuries, and was now becoming popular in other parts of the world as a new source of caffeine. We’ve always been interested in how products affect our mood, and had always suffered from coffee’s ups and downs, so needless to say we were immediately intrigued! 


We remember brewing up our first cup and immediately loving the smooth taste. Even more interesting was the unique energy it gave us – a brighter and more gentle lift compared to the sometimes harsh jolt of coffee. We were housemates at the time and it quickly became a daily ritual to enjoy a cup every morning before heading off to work. 


When we started sharing it with others, we consistently got the same reaction – people loved the taste and the more subtle effect. We began reading about not only its health benefits, but also its cultural significance in the Amazon, and the deforestation-free farming methods that are used to grow it. 


Day by day, our own enthusiasm for this intriguing but still largely unknown leaf grew, as did our desire to share it with more and more people. After many cups one morning, we decided to take the plunge and Nú Infusions was founded!

We feel this is really just the beginning of people discovering guayusa, and we’re excited to have you on board for the journey!